Innovation Intent


Guiding star for Innovation

The challenge we have set ourselves is to put sustainability first, to be there for a growing world and to pioneer new technologies. Every major concept that we launch must meet all three of these challenges.

The Innovation Intent is the guiding star that provides a focal point for our innovation efforts – both short and long term. In a world of overwhelming choice and paths to follow, the Innovation Intent helps us set the right priorities, lead the company in the right direction and motivate our people.

Innovation and you
As a Grundfos employee, you work with the latest technologies and approaches. We work with innovation on three levels: incremental, evolutionary and radical. All of us at Grundfos have a part to play in this.

EDD and Innovation
Part of the annual Employee Development Dialogue, which all Grundfos employees have, focuses on shaping the way you as an individual contribute to innovation as part of your job.

Sustainability and people
Grundfos is the people who work here. An innovative, enthusiastic workforce is essential for our existence and our success, both current and future. That’s why we need to continually recruit the best and the brightest – and also to make sure we can keep them, by making Grundfos an attractive place to work.

A great place to work
We believe we attract and retain great people by creating a great place to work, providing all Grundfos people with good opportunities for professional and personal development.

Skills for the community
As a global company, we create job opportunities all over the world. By doing so, we contribute to increasing the level of competences in the communities in which we have a role to play.

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