Service - Group Policy

The Group considers service a decisive parameter for continued growth. The Group regards service as an independent business area to be developed on a sound, financial basis.

The Group will market service actively towards the individual market segments and maintain a high service level in order to provide customers with prompt and efficient service.

The Group’s service must always be carried out by well-trained staff and comprises Grundfos products as well as pumps of other makes.

Each Grundfos company shall be responsible for efficient service in its own market.

The local Grundfos company is entitled to contract with local ser-vice partners to carry out the service obligations in respect of Grundfos products. Such service partners must possess the expertise and appro-ved tools necessary to perform the service task.

When Grundfos or the dealer knows that Grundfos products are re-sold to a third-party country, they must ensure that the products can be serviced in the market area in question.

Grundfos products will be serviced by Grundfos or the dealer within his own market area, irrespective of the country from which the products have been bought.

When a dealer or service partner performs service, Grundfos will place the necessary know-how and material at his/her disposal. This know-how shall be handled confidentially.

Grundfos will provide training facilities for the service staff. Service and repair of Grundfos products must be made using operating instructions, tools, equipment and test facilities specified or approved by Grundfos.

Service of Grundfos products can take place in the form of repair or replacement of products. New or renovated components complying with Grundfos specifications must be used for the repair and assembly of replacement products.

Replacement and repaired products must be labelled according to Grundfos standards. A repaired or replacement product must comply with the same technical specifications as the original product.

Grundfos service departments shall receive, repair or inform of disposal channels of worn-out products.

Discontinued products will be serviced for 10 years after production has been discontinued. Alternatively, Grundfos may decide to supply replacement products.

Failure reporting will be made according to Grundfos standards.

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