Footprint strategy


No more CO2

Grundfos wants to be a role model for how to make climate considerations a premise for business operation and development. The Footprint strategy was therefore launched in 2009 for the purpose of reducing Grundfos’ negative impact on the climate. Based on Innovation Intent and the Climate White Paper, our Footprint strategy provides the framework for a systematic approach to climate initiatives.

Reaching this vision requires a long-term effort and includes all our global activities:

  • We will reduce the CO2 emissions caused by our own manufacturing processes, building operations and logistics.
  • It is our ambition never to emit more CO2 than we did in 2008 even though we expect to grow.
  • In line with the technological development in the global society, our long-term ambition is to become a CO2 neutral company.
  • We will initiate our effort by focusing on our own operations first, and subsequently take the Supply Chain into account.

We will get there by:

  • Managing CO2 (energy surveillance and reduction)
  • Introducing Green Lean (continuously optimising processes to avoid energy waste)
  • Identifying and implementing of energy saving projects
  • Securing a greener energy supply

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