Sustainable buildings


Grundfos focuses on green buildings

We want Grundfos’ buildings to support our values and brand. Therefore, sustainability must be in focus in connection with establishment and maintenance of Grundfos’ buildings. At the same time, we hope that they can inspire our customers and employees to sustainable solutions.

Grundfos’ understanding of sustainability is that our buildings, within technically and economically reasonable frames, must take consumption of resources, energy efficiency, indoor climate and social conditions into the highest possible consideration .

As a global company, when planning new buildings as well as when renovating of existing constructions, we live up to the requirements in LEED1 (LEED Green Building Rating system, USGBC), level Gold or corresponding requirements in accordance with a local standard. Where it is relevant we get certification of the buildings. If environmental or market benefits can be obtained, we will locally go for a higher level of ambition, e.g. LEED, level Platinum.

Local conditions and requests will always play an essential role. Though, where it is assessed, that building technology and technical solutions from other geographical areas can contribute with long-term environmental benefit, they must be used.

When companies and land are purchased, it is important always to evaluate environmental and transport conditions. It is the responsibility of Group Environment and Group Properties to follow development within the area as well as to develop the above-mentioned policy

Group Properties is to bear responsibility for policy effective implementation when new buildings are designed, and existing constructions are renovated.


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