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Grundfos Blueflux® guarantees the highest motor efficiency

Every aspect of the technology driving a Grundfos Blueflux® motor has been developed to answer the real needs of the application in which the pump system or solution is installed – and always with an emphasis on reliability and efficiency.

A pump system or solution with a Grundfos Blueflux® motor has a considerably higher total efficiency than comparable solutions and reduces lifecycle costs substantially. When motor technology is combined with advanced pump design and the addition of speed control, Grundfos ensures superior system control, reduced day-to-day service costs, and lowered environmental impact.

Grundfos Blueflux® illustrates a range of skills and innovative processes that Grundfos brings to motor technology development. Grundfos was instrumental in the drafting and passing of the EuP Directive, setting the ecodesign requirements for electric motors for the European Union. As a technological leader of high-efficiency motors, Grundfos was invited to help with the technical aspects of the legislation.

Grundfos was able to create political awareness of the huge savings potential of variable speed motors and, at a late stage, influence the decision makers to include variable frequency drives in the new legislation. As a consequence, Europe’s annual electricity consumption will be reduced by 5% by 2020 – about 10 times more than originally planned before Grundfos intervened.

Our ability to get our knowledge of energy optimisation and of the issues facing customers taken into consideration by researchers, opinion leaders, politicians and partners means we are uniquely placed to offer solutions that keep Life Cycle Costs down, reduce CO2 emissions, and increase the sustainability of the pump system or solution.

The Grundfos Blueflux® label guarantees that the motor technology used is ahead of current market standards, and either meets or exceeds legislative requirements for motor efficiency, where these apply.

View our pumps and products with Grundfos Blueflux®

The Grundfos Blueflux® label guarantees that the motor technology used is ahead of current market standards, and either meets or exceeds legislative requirements for motor efficiency, where these apply.


SE & SL 9-30 kW wastewater pumps

SE & SL 9-30 kW product page

SE & SL 9-30 kW wastewater pumps

The new SE and SL ranges of wastewater pumps are the highest total efficiency pumps currently available.

SE 1.1-11 kW wastewater pumps

SE product page

SE 1.1-11 kW wastewater pumps

The SE range of pumps is built for years of trouble-free operation. The SE range can operate submerged or dry-installed without motor cooling, and is extremely reliable and very easy to service.

SL 0.9 -11 kW wastewater pumps

SL product page

SL 0.9 -11 kW wastewater pumps

The SL range is created to optimise performance in your system; minimising known risk factors and reducing maintenance requirements. Remarkably durable, the SL range offers long lasting, service-friendly submersible wastewater pumping.


CR product page


Multistage pumps for pressure boosting in a wide range of applications


NB, NBG, NBE, NBGE product page


A complete range of non-self-priming, single-stage, centrifugal volute pumps.


NK, NKG, NKE, NKGE product page


Grundfos offers a virtually limitless range of long-coupled (NK) end-suction pumps


HS product page


Split case, single-stage, non-self-priming, centrifugal, double volute pumps


BME product page


High pressure booster system. Multistage submersible pump built into a stainless steel sleeve


BMP product page


The BMP piston pumps, designed for the transfer of liquids under high pressure. The pumps are based on the axial piston principle, enabling a very light and compact design.


CUE product page


The CUE series are frequency converters for the speed control of a wide range of Grundfos pumps.

Vertical in-line centrifugal volute pumps with highly-efficient IE3 motor.

TP, TPE product page

TP and TPE

Vertical in-line centrifugal volute pumps with highly-efficient IE3 motor. For air-conditioning and heating applications in commercial buildings

Grundfos circulator pumps magna3

MAGNA3 product page


Circulator pumps fitted with communication equipment and motors with electronic speed control based on permanent magnet and compact stator motor technology.

Grundfos small circulator pumps ALPHA2

ALPHA2 product page


Small circulator pumps offer unrivalled energy efficiency based on proven Grundfos technologies and is the perfect choice for heating, air-conditioning and cooling applications.

Grundfos horizontal multistage pump CM/CME

CM, CME product page

CM and CME

The Grundfos CM and CME pumps are non-self-priming, horizontal, multistage, end-suction centrifugal pumps.

Grundfos Booster system Hydro MPC

Hydro MPC product page

Hydro MPC

Booster systems with intelligent cascade control to ensure that the optimum number of pumps required to meet the demand runs. Together with the CR with IE3 motors, this makes the Hydro MPC the most energy-efficient solution for maintaining a constant pressure during changing flow demands.

Breakthrough technologies to the water utility market

At Grundfos, our commitment is to introduce breakthrough technologies, raising the bar and setting new standards for water utility pump systems and solutions.



More about AUTOADAPT


AUTOADAPT represents the best from Grundfos within intelligent adaptive controls and is part of how we set the standard.

smartdesign BY GRUNDFOS

More about smartdesign

smartdesign BY GRUNDFOS

smartdesign represents the best from Grundfos within functionality and usability and is part of how we set the standard.


More about S-tube


The innovative S-tube impeller sets new standards for wastewater hydraulic design, offering greater hydraulic efficiency than any other type of wastewater impeller without compromising free passage. This ensures trouble-free operation.

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